Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is going to be a longer post because I have been a slacker and not posted anything is quite some time...sorry. Well, Jack is 11 months old now and really a whole lot of fun! He loves to bang on any and all surfaces, loves to read books (especially an Elmo book that we have to hide after awhile or he would have us read it 500 times in a row!), and is just about the greatest little boy ever! On Easter Julie asked us if we would like to go to the Royals game with her and Sean. She had been given tickets by our friend Courtney! I have never felt like such a rock star. The seats were in the Diamond Club level and came with front door parking (Thanks Courtney!). The game was a lot of fun and the Royals won over the Yankees!

Later in the week we went on a trip to DC and got to see Tom's aunts and took in some of the sites as well. Jack did well on his first plane trip, crying for the first 10-15minutes of both flights before settling into one of our chests and sleeping the majority of the trips. I will say that I have a whole new appreciation for parents flying with crying children; there is a special place in heaven for them. One of Tom's coworkers gave him some advice prior to our trip, "The first thing you should do when you get on the plane is get a stiff drink!" Also, it is interesting how your timing changes when traveling with a baby. Jack woke up on the way home and we were trying to keep him happy by giving him a toddlers version of Cheese Puffs. Towards the end Tom looked at me and said, "We are ten Cheese Puffs away from landing." Gotta love it!

Here is a photo of Tom, Jack and Me at lunch with Tom's Aunt Kathie and Uncle Ken Jarva and Aunt Kathie and Uncle Scott.
Here are some photos of Jack really enjoying the giant bed at the Marriott that we stayed at in Maryland.
With Jack's new bathtub he got a Frog Pod. This is cool bathroom staple that scoops up all of the bath toys and is stored on the wall. Jack really enjoyed the box more than the toy, some things never change!
Here Jack is playing with his best friend Preston Hooker. Jack loves to go to Preston's house and play with all of his toys! These boys are just too cute when they get together!

And last, but certainly not least here are some 11 month photos! Unfortunately, Jack just was not feeling it on his 11 month birthday so these are not his greatest photos.
Whew! Thanks for reading about our month!


The Lunds said...

I LOVE the update! Keep up the good work little Miss Blogger!

Marie Hooker said...

YAHOO! Love the pics...definitely an exciting few weeks!

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you were able to use the tickets - sorry the weather didn't cooperate! Hope you had a good time. :)

ERICA said...

I swear, every month he looks more like your dad...he's just adorable!!