Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indoor Play and More!

Playing at home gets old, for me and for Jack. We have had a great time at some indoor play places around town, and believe it or not these facilities have not cost us an arm or a leg!

Jumpin' Jack's is an indoor inflatable play area that is AWESOME! Here are a few pics of Jack figuring out how to climb to the top of the slides (and a pic of the traffic jam he created). Parents are also allowed to climb up these obstacles and participate with the kiddos! I somehow failed to capture a picture of Tom at the top of the slide with Jack! Not to worry, I am fairly confident that we will return.

This last photo is at the Mission Center Gymnasium that has open play through the winter. I think Jack has figured out that he is challenged in the height arena and he figured out, all by himself I might add, that he will need help. He walked over to the foam blocks, grabbed one to assist him in his dunking attempts....he still failed to make a basket, but the effort was definitely there!

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Marie Hooker said...

We wanna come play next time!!1