Friday, July 9, 2010

3 Months and 4th of July

As I am writing this post the house is quiet as all kiddos are asleep. It's a funny thing, at the end of the day I am so looking forward to bedtimes, can't hardly wait in fact. Then as the house falls quiet I find myself "missing" my kiddos...I want them awake and interacting. I find the silence peaceful and depressing at the same time; it is a strange feeling to describe. I wonder if I did enough talking to them, playing with them through that day. I know I could always do more, talk more and enjoy them more at this stage in their lives....tomorrow is a new day filled with opportunity.

I have been super bad at keeping up with this blog but am trying to post at least once a month (an attainable goal I think). Due to that there are a lot of pictures and things to catch up on, it's amazing how much can happen in a month! The month of June was filled with trips to the pool, to Deanna Rose and the Zoo! These trips were large undertakings as I took all kiddos...and to think I use to think taking one kid was a lot of work!

The girls asleep at the pool, we swam for 1 1/2 hours and they never woke up... spent the whole time in their carseats! Dream babies I tell you!

Jack and Preston playing the cow bells at Deanna Rose
Jack has become quite the Lady's he is with Ms. Ellen Lund

Here Jack is with Ms. Ella at Village Fest on the 4th of July

A snack at the Zoo with Preston (don't they look like such big boys!)
Monkey See, Monkey Do
A visit to see baby Dane! Dane is only 3 weeks here and the girls are 2 months, this is going to be one tall boy!

Jack relaxing in his lounge chair

Here is Kate with her bone-conducting hearing aid. She loves wearing it and brightens up when we put it on her. She is developing at an astonishing speed and is babbling, grinning all the time and rolling over. She has such a loving nature and loves to be kissed on and talked to all the time. Infant and Toddler services came over today to evaluate the girls and Kate is actually hitting the milestones for 4 month olds! She absolutely amazed the therapists.

Mallory did very well with the evaluation as well but is definitely a little behind her sister. She is babbling and although she has not smiled yet I know she is so close! There are some concerns with her vision but we are going to see if she progresses over the next 4-6 weeks, as she is still having her milestone age adjusted to their due date, making them just over 2 months. Mallory has a very gentle nature and loves to be held. I can't wait until she gets her hearing aids (July 20th) and can hear everything. I am convinced this will speed up her development and she will catch up with Kate.
What a beauty!

Finally we have a family photo that includes all 5 of us thanks to Jack's school continually bugging us for one for Jack's Wall at school.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. We will keep you updated and the next post will be from our new house!


Valerie said...

You make it all sound so easy! When's number 4? Ha! Love checking in on you. Glad the girls are doing well. And yes, Jack is such a big boy! Someday when you're all settled we will come visit you. I miss hanging out with you guys.

The Lunds said...

Yay for blogging! I don't know how you find the time, but I'm sure glad you do. Those girls are just such loveys - I can't get over it. And, love the family pic - so happy!!

Angie Grant said...

too cute! love the updates and can't wait til you're close by for visits!!!

ERICA said...

What beautiful girls! And you look amazing Erin.

And I totally feel you with the "missing them once they've gone to bed" thing.

ryanne said...

Erin, you look great. The girls are beautiful and Jack is such a handsome boy. Looks like you are enjoying your time away from work. Good luck with the new house, and can't wait to hear about everything else when you come back.

Marie Hooker said...

You ARE supermom. In the flesh. And I love the "Monkey see monkey do" picture!