Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm trying, I promise!

Okay, so I mentioned in the last post that I would be updating monthly...well now that that promise has been squashed I thought I'd finally post the girls 4 month photos with their 5 month ones. Everyone in the Nelson household is great! Jack is super fun and talking more and more each day...some words we even understand! Kate and Mallory were not gaining enough weight and at their 4 month appointment the Doctor told me that they were needing to put on at least 1/2 ounce per day...they had put on 2 ounces in 45 days..not good. Fast forward 18 days and a weight check showed them up 9 ounces! Mallory is 9lbs 7 oz. and Kate is 10lbs 13 oz. They look great! Both are talking ALL the time now. We have ordered Mallory's permanent hearing aids, they are light pink (so cute), hopefully they will be here soon. Kate smiles all of the time, she is super laid back and literally bursts into a huge smile every time you talk to her. Mallory is a little more difficult to get smiles from, she definitely makes you work for them, but totally worth all that hard work. Genetics appointments on the 20th, stayed tuned for info with that appointment.
4 month photo, Kate loves to hold Mallory's hand.
5 Month photos were difficult because Jack really wanted to be in EVERY photo...
He decided that everyone needed a hat, even Mallory who was passed out from our photo shoot.
Jack and I had a day of fun, just the two of us. We started our outing at Blue Chip Cookies for some ice cream, Jack was not appreciative of this stop as he does not like sweets much. Who is this kid? I mean really, a kid that refuses ice cream and cookies?! After our unsuccessful sweets stop we went to Jumpin Jax for some bouncing fun...Jack had a blast and ran around constantly for 2 hours! We had a great day and hope to repeat these outings often.
And here is an older photo. The Leawood fire department showed up to our new neighborhood pool party, and as you would guess it was the hit of the party for most of the kids. Jack was on cloud nine 'driving' the "big truck" (one of his new and understandable words), until a meltdown when he was asked to get out of the driver seat.

Hope you have all had a wonderful summer, talk to you next month?


The Lunds said...

yay for blogging (again!). I need to cuddle those girls again soon - they are chunky monkeys!! Just the way we like them!

Marie Hooker said...

Hooray for blog updates! They make me happy!

ERICA said...

Yay for weight gain! They already look so much bigger than the last time I saw them. What beautiful girls.