Saturday, March 31, 2012


Two years ago two beautiful girls came into our lives. I said last year that the girls first year was a long one...well, my goodness this past year has flown by! We have had a wonderful year and continue to be grateful for health and growth and milestones....I will never take it for granted.

I have been contemplating this post for a couple of weeks now and have had a specific memory keep coming back to me. The girls were a couple of months old and Tom and I were at Children's Mercy South at the Hearing and Speech department for yet another hearing exam for Mallory. We were handed a packet of information, and in that packet was a poem, Welcome to Holland ( I teared up instantly looking at that poem, scaring Tom as he had no idea what I had seen, and was wondering what was causing this reaction. You see, I have been introduced to this poem many times as a nurse in a pediatric hospital. I had always thought this was a wonderful poem to describe the journey a family takes with a special needs child. But holy shit, this was not for me and I did not want to be given this poem. How in the world did I get here?! That was exactly what I was feeling at that moment and the power of the implication that getting that poem handed to me was immense; completely overwhelming. Well, you know what? I have read that poem so many times, and now I can tell you that I am so very grateful and glad to be in Holland.

And now for the letters...

My Dearest Mallory,
Another year has gone by and you have really grown into an amazing little girl. I love that you are so resilient, it shows in your every waking hour. You love to play with your dolls and pat them on the back as they "sleep" on your shoulder...your tender loving nature is a joy to experience. I look forward to the many milestones of this next year...remember that you are so amazing and wonderful. Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl,
Love, Mommy

My Dearest Kate,
You are a firecracker. The mantra of countless moms, dads and grandparents saying: "Enjoy it for they will grow too fast.." has become the beginning of a new reality for me. I am constantly wanting to press the pause button, weeks at a time, so that I can soak up the new pages of your exploding personality. You amaze me every single day. I love that you are so spunky. Hold on to that is going to take you places.
Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl,


The Lunds said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girls. You bring so much joy to those around you - such a gift!

Marie Hooker said...

Love them. So much.