Monday, May 11, 2009

1st Birthday!

It is so hard to believe that Jack is already a toddler! One year old, unbelievable!
We had a wonderful birthday/Mother's Day celebration. Dinner with family, cake a presents followed and what a great experience that was, for us and Jack. Anytime anyone mentions a first birthday my thoughts always move to the cake and all the questions that follow. Did he like the cake? Did he cry? Dig in? Well I was extremely curious as to how Jack would respond. He did like it, but it took a little while, I think as long as it took for the sugar high to kick in! I was most amazed by how much he did not like having icing on his hands. After the cake-eating experience Jack got a bubble bath, which he always enjoys. All in all it was a wonderful day.

Today was Jack's one year check-up with lab work and shots. He did really well and only cried for a minute or two. His percentages have not moved much, but are as follows:
Wt: 19lbs (3%)
Ht: 28inches (5%)
HC: 45%

So we still have a short, skinny kid but head is not quite as big!

Here are a few photos with Jack's big first birthday gift, isn't it too cute!


Jackie said...

LOVE THE CHAIR. I want one too!

The Lunds said...

Looks like he got cake crumbs across every inch of his face. Love it!

Marie Hooker said...

I love that you gave him gooey chocolate frosting! He did an outstanding job of smearing it all over himself. Good work, Mom!!

The Cooks said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Looks like he loved the cake!

Katie said...

Happy Bday Jack! Liam and Gavin both got PBK chairs for their first bdays too! Cake pictures are priceless.

ERICA said...

No wonder he's skinny. He's supposed to eat the cake, not bathe in it! ;) Totally adorable, Erin - good job!

Angie Grant said...

Awesome pics - I love how he even has it in his ears! Good work Jack and Happy Birthday!