Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fashion Sense?

So Jack has decided that like his daddy, he loves hats....if he can get his hands on one it is surely to stay on his head. These are pictures from last week when he put on his hat, grabbed one of my purses and my keys and decided he was leaving for the day. Not so sure he has any fashion sense though, lets see if his sisters will be able to help him with that one!

On another note, here is one picture of Jack on a ride along tractor at the Mission Community Center. They have open play Tuesday-Thursday 9:30-11:30 for $2 a child. There are a million toys, bouncy houses and balls, etc... They are a wonderful place to go during this winter season for the kiddos to run off some energy; I highly recommend taking your children. Jack really enjoyed himself and was so tired on the way home that he promptly fell asleep before we had left the parking lot!


The Lunds said...

Good tip! He is so cute with those big boy shoes playing.

ERICA said...

He's so adorable, Erin! I love the 2nd picture...he reminds me of the Cat in the Hat.

Marie Hooker said...

Second pic was my favorite, too!! And can't wait for him to be the protective older brother of twin girls!!