Wednesday, October 20, 2010


October has been a super busy month so far and it shows no signs of slowing down! We visited Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch where Jack picked out everyone's pumpkins. He now likes to tell everyone he sees that his pumpkins are outside. We also went to Louisburg Cider Mill and enjoyed cider donuts and apples. Jack and Preston both enjoyed eating the apples and jumping around on the hay bales.

Kate asleep in her swing cuddling her doll.

Mallory looking super cute and super blue eyed!

Jack being watched carefully by Preston on the good form and proper way to enjoy an apple. Jack "painting" the house.

Picking out pumpkins.

For those of you that have not been informed of the goings on, Mallory's genetic tests showed a microdeletion of chromosome 10. The follow up appointment with genetics did not give us much new information but did give us the chance to discuss the implications of this chromosomal abnormality. This finding is a reason for her hearing loss, small growth pattern and her developmental delay. We are now scheduled for a full cardiac work-up (November 9) and renal ultrasound (November 9). During those appointments we will have some blood drawn to check her calcium levels and PTH (parathyroid hormone) to determine if she has any deficiencies. On December 15th we have an appointment with an immunologist. We will see what these appointments yield; most likely there will be some abnormalities found with these visits but we are going to do initial testing and determine if follow-up care is indicated.

We are working our way through the systems that have shown some abnormalities in other chromosome 10 deletion children, the severity of which is a broad spectrum. Right now it seems to be a wait and see kind of approach with her developmental delays. There will for sure be some. The literature that is available is miniscule at best and only shows a snapshot view of this disorder. We have no research that is longitudinal and therefore have an even smaller predictor for the future. Scary.

Mallory is talking lots and is moving all over...she seems to be just a bit behind Kate in her movements. She is a super happy girl and LOVES to be held and talked to. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers...we will keep you updated.


Valerie said...

I talked with Gianna the other day and she updated me on what was going on. I know you must feel unbelievable overwhelmed. I'm so sorry. Your kids are super cute! Johnson Farms is great. We went there on Sunday. Praying for you guys. PLEASE let me know if I can watch the kids!!!

Marie Hooker said...

Keep up the great work, Supermom! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Marie Hooker said...

BTW- just watched the video of Jack climbing the new rock wall- unbelievable how coordinated he is!!!