Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy....

Jack at 6 Months

Opening presents on his 3rd Birthday!

Well I am way behind in posting Jack's big birthday! On May 10th this wonderful boy turned 3! Amazing and incredible to think of the last three years as he has grown and become such a fun and compassionate kid. I started the tradition of writing a little note on my kids birthdays, so here it goes:

Wow! 3 years have really flown is it that you are already this little, super inquisitive little boy? You are a wonder and I can actually see you learning new things everyday, it's an amazing thing to witness! What a year you have had, and you have taken it in stride. I was worried about you and how you would adjust to having two little sisters to share the spotlight. No worries! You adjusted without any stumbles, it was as if you never realized there was a time without them. I love watching you play with Kate (although I may be wincing at your body slams) and showing her how to play with legos, climb stairs/ get such a kick out of her following you, I love it! I get to see a softer side when you interact with Mallory. You encourage her and get so excited when she accomplishes something new. "Hey MOM! Mallory is rolling over! Yah Mallory!!" You are such an amazing little boy! I think the most amazing thing about watching you over this last year is how your relationships are developing; with your sisters and your friends. Can't wait to see what next year will bring!
Thank you for improving my patience!
Love you,

We had a wonderful weekend filled with activities. My brother Ryan and his family drove in from Ohio on Friday, May 13 (Ryan's birthday) and we all, sans kids, went out to celebrate Ryan and Sean's (May 10) birthdays. Saturday was a day of BBQ/Friends/Family at Julie's house and Sunday was Jack's big Jump Party at Monkey Bizness. Jack has been talking about this party for about a month. We had a great turn out and I believe everyone had a blast! I think I am still recovering!

Here are some pictures from the party day. I took about a hundred photos and was unable to get one of Jack standing still...there is a super cute photo of Ms. Ellen Lund, she needs to teach Jack how to pose!


The Lunds said...

You're right - that is super cute! Thanks for such a fun party ... Ells keeps asking when we are going back to "Monkey Biz-A-Ness". Jack really has become a big, sweet boy - congrats, Mom and Dad!

Christina Dougherty said...

omgoodness i wish i had been there love the picture of sean with mallory :)

Marie Hooker said...

Love love love.