Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer...where did it go?!

We have had a busy summer. Lots going on in our household...Kate is walking, Mallory is crawling and Jack is climbing and jumping everything! To keep this house picked up would be a miracle...but I wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe if I had a maid service twice a week)! Here are some photos to sum up the wonderful times we had these past few months...

Jack spent hours playing and jumping in his pool on our deck...really surprised he didn't end up with any stitches from his daredevil tactics.

Kate is more of a lounger when it comes to pool time...my kind of girl! I'll take a different kind of bottle though...

Jack got a sprinkler game for his birthday and Tom had a good time running through it with all three kiddos.

Kate loves to pull out all, and I mean ALL of the contents in the cabinets...remember my talk of a messy house?..

Water tables are good for hours of entertainment!

Jack playing with his buddy Preston!

Mallory enjoying the lovely weather!

More to come.....FALL!!!!

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Marie Hooker said...

Love Jack's undies in the cabinet clean out pic!